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Look and feel SEXIER with the magic of the WAIST TRAINER™ !

The WAIST TRAINER ™ is an amazing waist band that shapes your waist down 3-5 INCHES when you wear it. It gives you INSTANT CURVES and BACK SUPPORT.

The Waist Band has a FLEX-BONING TECHNOLOGY that has FOUR REINFORCED ACRYLIC BONES and is encased to a HEAVY CANVAS. This will help HIDE your belly, shape your waist and provide HIGH support to the lumbar back.

The Waistrainer™ has an ADJUSTABLE VELCRO closure to ENHANCE the COMPRESSION around your tummy. Moreover, it has a PRECISE MESH STRETCH fabric that makes the waist band BREATHABLE, therefore letting your blood flow regularly for un ultimate comfort.

Gives you hourglass curves instantly.

The WAIST TRAINER can be worn either OVER or UNDER your clothes

  • Stimulates fat burn & weight loss. Targets right at your midsection, makes you sweat during your fitness workout and stimulates abdomen fat burning.

  • Adjustable velcro closure waistband to enhance the compression around your tummy.
  • Improves posture by providing support on your back. 
  • Wear it over or under your clothes, at the gym, around the house, at work, or during a night out.
  • Take Advantage of the double velcro adjustment for sizing accuracy.
83% of our customers buy 2 or more WaistTrainers to always have one available when the other is being washed.


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